Did you know the PC Engine is the baddest little shooter console ever? Over 120 unique Shooters were released for this console and it’s 90% killer with only 10% filler. Check out what the entire PC Engine Shmups Complete Collection looks like! That’s a hell of a lot of shmups and I find it absurdly wonderful. If you look closely you’ll see a handful of US TurboGrafx16 shoot em ups as well, which I try to collect first vs the Japanese variant. So it’s a mixture of both with every single release represented minus ONE game… Darius Alpha. I may never own a copy of that absurdly expensive game but if I ever manage to snag one it would certainly warrant an update here. There is also currently one Reproduction in this collection until I complete a set; Ginga Fukei Densetsu Sapphire.

This first post is an overview of what I would slowly like to document in entirety. So for those who love PC Engine Porn, this will be a cornucopia. In future posts I will dedicate a small post to each game with brief overviews, photos and maybe even some video. I’ll try to show any insert art along with cool manual photos.

PC Engine Shmups Complete Collection TurboGrafx 16
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Konami released a total of 5 shooters for the system: Gradius, Gradius 2 Gofer, Salamander, Star Parodier, and Twinbee… all fantastic games and ports. You can see them along the bottom row together on the left. Above are more excellent games with the Download series, Dragon Saber, Violent Soldier and W-Ring to name a few. And below you’ll see the two lone Supergrafx games Aldynes and 1941 Counter Attack, both also great games. In the backdrop are my collection of Gradius vinyl. I’ll save my entire Gradius collection across all consoles for another post. : )


PC Engine Shmups Retro Gamer Gaming TurboGrafx 16


This shot of the PC Engine Duo-R is one of my favorite as it includes some of the best games on the console. Lords of Thunder and Gate of Thunder need no introduction here in the west with their legendary metal soundtracks. The Turbo Duo launched in the US with Gate of Thunder as a pack-in game. But how many have heard of or played Nexzr ? It’s an amazing game with a killer soundtrack that any lover of shmups needs to play. Soldier Blade belongs in the same category of fast shooters and one of the best on the Hucard format. Spriggan is another Japan exclusive that will finally see the light of day in the west with the upcoming launch of the TurboGrafx16 and PC Engine Mini consoles! You can bet I have pre-ordered one of each! Down below you have a competent Macross shooting game along with my Repro of Sapphire – a technical demo of the PC Engine Arcade Card if there ever was one.


PC Engine Shmups Rare Expensive TurboGrafx 16


Isn’t it amazing how tiny the PC Engine was? Literally the size of a CD case yet it packed quite a punch. The new Coregrafx Mini console coming in March 2020 will not be any smaller than the original! If you know your PC Engine you know these are some of the heavy hitters on the console… meaning they are expensive these days. At least most of these are excellent games like Coryoon, Sylphia, Cotton and Magical Chase. The US version goes for upwards of $8,000! So let’s stick with the Japanese variant of this one. And if you know Tatsujin… you know what getting your ass kicked by a game feels like. But it feels so good you keep coming back for more punishment. 😂


R-Type RTYPE PC Engine Shmups TurboGrafx 16


R-Type baby. The TurboGrafx16 port is still one of the all time best of the original and was massive at the time of it’s release. On the PC Engine, the game was split into two parts RType I and II. There was also a remixed CD version released as well. I will definitely do a separate post for the Irem RType games down the road along with the later versions for other consoles. This bad ass Dobkeratops figure is a recent release from Figma if you wanted one for yourself.



SuperGrafx PC Engine Shmups TurobGrafx 16


I’ll end this post with the awesome and industrial SuperGrafx. Never made it off the ground with more than several games and yet somehow still managed to field two solid shooters in Aldynes and 1941 Counter Attack. There are too many games to show in a single post. So if you enjoyed browsing through this PC Engine Shmups complete collection and would like to see more bookmark this site. I plan to release many more posts with cool perspectives on various shooters and series here.